Being Able to Control if Actors with Initializing Parameters Output That Data Upon Initializing

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    I'm sure other people have been in this situation before. I often have complex setups where I need to initialize input parameters, but where it would extremely beneficial and save me lots of programming time if one could control whether or not those individual input parameters or whole actors actually output data when entering the Scene (upon initializing). 

    See the images below for a purpose-created, simple example:

    (Patch Attached)

    Step 1

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Step 3

    So because often I have tons of actors hooked up together, a number of which I need to have initialize as something, inevitably I need to use tons of Delay Gates.

    Solutions that don't involved using Delay Gates left and right:

    Being able to make individual input parameters on an actor, or the whole actor, ignore incoming data for the first 0.001 seconds after entering a scene


    Being able to make individual parameters on an actor, or the whole actor, NOT output data for the first 0.001 seconds after entering the scene.
    (Essentially letting the individual parameter or actor initialize but not letting it output anything)

    Other Thoughts:

    - If User Actors  and Macros could also have this option that would be amazing.

    - If you double click on a parameter's name, you get a popup menu where you can change the min, max, check initialize, etc.. 

    This is where it would be great if this option could live.

    - Perhaps the first Input/Output in each actor could contain a checkbox for "Apply to All [Inputs/Outputs]"

    Does this idea interest anybody else? Am I insane? 

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  • Intresting thought, really.

    Programming in isadora what you well described is often encoutered when complexity grow up, and solutions are several. Choose one or another depend by so many variables, but lately I found a this way.

    The point is divide variables/actors in two categories: Locals and globals. Usually actors like projectors, midi/osc senders are used in every scene. What change are contol actors and so on. As you can clearly image what I do is place all global stuff in one scene activated in background and feed em by actual scene. Before introduction of global values this was a bit complex but not anymore. Frankly speaking to effort my thesis i should provide for a patch that archive your task without gate delay, but at moment I can imagine how, my fault :-)

    I'm curious if some one can

    P.S.: also I often use an mine user actor that temporary gate values when enter in to a scene

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    @Maximortal There are always multiple ways of doing things yes, but if I have a Delay Gate User Actor, and you have a Delay Gate User Actor, and we both use them often, then having a built-in way to do it without placing an actor and remaking connections would theoretically save us, and other people who often use some iteration of a Delay Gate, massive amounts of programming time.