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    Hello all,

    I'm experiencing a bug where if I have a lot happening in a Scene, (I think it has to do with being very User Actor heavy specifically), I cannot enter that Scene. (I'm running Isadora Beta 2.5.2b09 on the Mac Pro in my signature.)

    • If I go to the Scene before or after it and try to use a Jump or Jump++ actor, it will not go into the Scene.
    • If I go to the Scene before it and press "Spacebar" it will not go into the Scene.
    • If I click on the Scene in the Scene List at the bottom of the screen it will not go into the Scene.

    The only way I can access the Scenes for which I'm experiencing this bug is to click on them in the Scene List and then duplicate the bugged Scene, which, while it doesn't technically allow me to get into the bugged Scene, does place me in a duplicate of it. What I've been doing from here is deleting as many superfluous actors and User Actors as possible in the duplicate Scene and then testing whether or not I can leave and re-enter the duplicate Scene. If I can, I delete the original, bugged Scene. If I can't, I rinse and repeat the duplication process. 

    Has anybody else run into this?

    Best Wishes,


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    Your current approach is likey best.

    My guess would be that there is some initialization issue. Maybe a feedback loop, although isadora is setup to catch these and give warnings.. it maybe something outside the reach of the usual exception catching.

    I don't think is and matter of size. I have some massive projects.. my vj tool built in 1.3 is many mbs (1 scene) and still opens and runs in 2.x ( it doesnt load instantly 😉)

    You can open a support ticket.. and share your file, one of the support staff can try to open the file. . Perhaps it's a system/hardware side effect. 

  • sounds a bit like the activity I was getting in elcapitan and movie playback, it would just become unresponsive, I could click on a scene, but the scene contents would not change, no response at all. I was developing on Sierra, and playing on Elcapitan, eventually upgraded the Elcapitan machine to Sierra and went for the new beta.

    Want to send a patch and see if it behaves?