New show, toured Wales last year - here's some video documentation - if anybody's interested...

  • from 7.30 tonight i'll be hidden in the wings at Taliesin Arts Centre in Swansea, twiddling knobs and clicking through scenes to generate visuals for Beyond the Body - a new work for 5 dancers, 2 musicians and Isadora. there's not much documentation of the projection effects at the moment - i'll post a video next month when we've recorded the show - but its got 2 projectors, IR tracking, a kinect, various particles and video shot by academy award winning cinematographer Bill Mitchell, all adding layers to the choreography by Tanja Raman and the incredible performances from our brilliant dancers.

    more info at 

  • Tech Staff

    Hope it goes well.

  • cheers G - it was awesome. Isadora behaved impeccably and the audience loved it.

  • Tech Staff

    Brill. Did you get any pictures or video?

    Would be good to get a report from you, mini online interview or something?

  • we're getting camera crew in on the 22nd to film and photograph a dress run. theres some photos and video from the rehearsal room at but we didn't have the right facilities to set up the projectors properly until the get-in this week, and its been frantic.

  • Hi,

    Are you coming up to north Wales at all? I would love to check this out. Plus I could probably get a good group together to come along

  • Hi Richard - we'll be at Galeri in Caernarfon on friday night. would be great to see you there. i think we're doing a post-show talk as well.

  • i finally got the video documentation back:

    the full show:
    a 4-minute promo:
    we're hoping to tour again in Spring 2014.

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    Brill can i feature this on my blog please?

  • sure G, send thru some questions if you want an interview-type-thing. you've got my email address?

  • congrats, great job! beautiful visuals!

  • Tech Staff

    Thanks dbini. Not sure if I have your email. Can you send it via DM please? Thanks! :)

  • Tech Staff

    Ah it's on your profile page anyway!

  • Enchanting :)

  • looks great!
    what kind of projectors?

  • the floor is lit by a panasonic 7k with a 0.8 lens, the cyc is from a tiny Optoma EW610ST 3.1k with a 0.5 lens. everyone was amazed by the throw and output of the optoma, but it was only just powerful enough to do the trick. the 0.5 lens is great for keeping shadows off the cyc.

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