​DMX 0-255 versus Matrix value send 0-100. How can I sand a specific DMX value?

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    Hallo all!

    I have a question. I am having fun (so to speak) with a High End DL2 Fixture which in sin fact a video projector on a moving light engine with a media server inside. I want to control it from my favourite software (dear Izzy). The fact is that as in all moving light I need to send a specific dmx value. I am using the Or, the matrix value send send max value of 100. If I send for instance 182 as dmx value to channel 10, Matrix value send scales it automatically to 71.3726. Are we sure it that matrix value sends the right value? Why can't we put 255 as maximum in the matrix value send? We can just send percentages....

    Any idea?

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    RE: "Why can't we put 255 as maximum in the matrix value send?"

    Well, I was just trying to keep the percentage metaphor throughout the program, and the Matrix Value Send therefore had the range of 0 to 100.

    You if you create a "converter" User Actor with this inside you can get what you need:

    You can input 0 to 255 and it will convert it to the correct percentage. I looked at the output of the Matrix Value Send, and the hex values it was producing matched the inputs values. (I didn't test every number.... but like two dozen values.)

    For the moment, that would be the immediate workaround.

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