Isadora with Networking Turned Off: if you've had trouble, please let us know

  • Dear All,

    It came to my attention from @Fred that he was having trouble using Isadora with networking disabled. I tried numerous combinations to reproduce this problem, but cannot. If you have seen trouble like this, please report here so we can get to the bottom of it.

    Best Wishes,

  • Tech Staff

    As you know, I have reports of this issue, but I am unable to reproduce it so far. 

    I also looked for a relation to the creative cloud issue, but its not apparent if this exists.

  • Tech Staff

    Till now I also was not able to reproduce this. Actually doing a performance, I always turn WIFI and Bluetooth off.

  • Hi Mark

    As you know, I have this problem in the worst way. Hard crash in a minute after switching movies in the simplest of patches when not connected via WiFi. OK when connected.


  • Beta Gold

    No problem with launching Isadora now with or without wifi With the 2.5.2b14