Numbers into trigger value actor from control panel

  • i'm playing with control panel and number entry.
    is there any way that i can get a number from the edit text box into the trigger value actor ?
    i've tried various combinations and haven't yet found an answer yet.


  • you need to use the "number" control for directly linking numerical values. text works for text control. 

    Also, if you tick the "show current value of linked property" box the value is updated dynamically in your control panel..

  • The Text Parser actor can do this.

    1) Add a Text Parser actor
    2) Double-click it and enter this text

    value_out : integer = 10 digits

    3) Click OK
    4) Link Edit Text Control to 'text' input of text parser.
    Best Wishes,

  • thank you mark. i like how simple that is.

  • Tech Staff

    any chance we can get a walk thru telling us what that line is instructing the parser to do?

    ps: the parsing docs are power, but I'm not sure where to start in figuring them out.. some more examples would be great.

  • i've got the text parser to pass text by inserting

    player_name : string = { 01-FF }

    i see that the text before the colon becomes the output name in the actor and the bit after the colon is something to do with what is parsed.

    now all i need to work out now is how to take text from one scene to another.

  • Dear DusX,

    **value_out** is the name of the output parameter that will appear after you say OK. (the underscore character will be converted into a space.)
    then the colon ('**:**'), which is required
    **integer** is the type of output (as opposed to float for numbers with a decimal point, or string for a text output)
    then the equal sign ('=') which is required
    **10** indicates the maximum number of items that will be parsed.
    then the format of the data to be parsed. **digits** refers to ASCII digits '0' to '9' (hexadecimal 30 through 39); if you used **hex** then it would be the ASCII digits _and_ the letters 'A' through 'F'. There are several other options possible, e.g., the '?' character which indicates a single byte.
    So what does it do? This line creates a new output on the Serial In Watcher called 'value out'; it is an integer number. When data comes in, the parser starts looking for the digits '0' through '9', accepting a maximum of 10 of them. Here's some examples, where [CR] represents hex 0D or the Carriage Return character.
    1234[CR] would output the number 1234
    12A34[CR] would output the number 12 -- why? because the letter 'A' does not fit the **digits** filter
    123 456[CR] would output the number 123 - same reason as above, but the space character is now the non matching character
    1234567891234 would output 1234567891, because the maximum number of digits accepted is 10.
    Does that help?
    Also, did you see the examples under the heading "Parameter Assignment" -- those help me the most.
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    Thanks a ton Mark.
    Once I master these and the TCP actors a whole new world of possibilities open up.
    I will keep at it.

  • i've continued my playing with a couple of patches, kind of recreating something i made as a teenager and forming some current research.

    i have noticed a quirky behaviour and am sharing the patches so others can test them to see if there is something quirky at my end.
    goto the scoring scene and find the comment and follow the steps laid out there....
    the quirky ness i'm seeing is in a data array actor and only on one input and it's probably really silly and because of that i can't see the solution to the problem. in simple terms i set a value in one scene and in the next it's recalled and it comes out 1 less than it began ....
    can anyone help ?
    ps run both patches.

    f7d613-dart-scorer-v1.1.izz da4435-dart-scorer-link-v1.1.izz