Osc to Capture Camera

  • Hi there. Im quite new to Isadora. But Im all in for learning the basics to start with!

    In a project I'm working on I need to capture a video stream in the background (not projected). I can do just that. But I can't get the osc trigging to work as I want. 

    I would love to have a:

    /rec 1 

    & a 

    /rec 2

    To simply trigg Start and stop. Is that not how it works? As it is now I need to manually change the function from start to stop and then the /rec trigges the button witch now is unspecified. Also i have noticed that some Actors can be extended so that you see all actions in a row. That would also do the job I guess. How would you guys solve this problem.  

    All the best. /Erik

  • Tech Staff

    There are actors that will start and stop a video stream are you aware?

    With and incoming OSC message you can toggle this video stream recording. See attached screen shot. 

  • Tech Staff


    I think the example needs to listen to two channels.

  • Thanks for that! Now it works exactly as I wanted it : )

    Even a bit more simplified than your example... So when I sent /rec 1 the trigger value is 1 and /rec 2 sends the trigger value 2

    Best. Erik

  • Tech Staff

    @DusX said:

    I think the example needs to listen to two channels.

     Yes it did! MY bad was trying to knock something up quickly. Well spotted! 

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