• Hi,

    I've been looking an actor called BackDropKey. I found that there existed a plugin called PeteBackDropKey, but cannot find it anywhere.

    Would anybody know how to get it or similar.

    Working on a Mac / Isadora v2.x

    Thanks in advance.

  • Beta Platinum

    It is not there when you type it in the search field? 

  • No, there's no BackDropKey in the list

    Was BackDropKey included in v1.x only? Or is it still included? 

    I've downloaded Isadora2.x (no v1.x on this machine) and FreeFrame Plugin Collection from Related Downloads. But still cannot see BackDropKey.

  • @Lauri

    This plugin is part of the old FreeFrame plugins collection. It runs on your CPU, so you can expect poor performance if you're working with HD video.

    Here's a new article I just created to give you the download location.

    Best Wishes,

  • Thank you Mark for the link. Yes, I understand the poor performance. 

    But do you have a better idea to construct the same effect with the existing plugins in v2.x?