Low-Budget Wired and Wireless Live Feed Solutions and Analysis

  • Tech Staff

    Hello all,

    I recently did a write-up comparing simple, low budget wired and wireless live feed solutions for a show, (for free because my significant other is in it). They were looking to implement a low-budget live feed into their show, but didn't have anyone very tech-savvy on hand. As I was developing the write-up I decided I'd rework it a bit when I was done so that I could post it here. (They're using that *other* show control software, so I added an Isadora section to my write-up.)

    Here it is.


    Note: This document is based on my experiences, I'd be interested to hear from others whether you all have had similar experiences and share similar opinions, or if people disagree with me about certain things. All is helpful to know! Also it's still a work in progress, (ex. the instructions for a wired live feed through Isadora, and needing to remove all the references to the client's specific situation), so please bear with me.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. For Kinect-fanatics like myself, I've successfully used the USB-over-Cat5/5e/6 Extender (range of 115 [silly imperial] feet) that I noted in this write-up to put the Kinect WAY far away from the computer.