Serial In Watchers - how to see if ANY data is coming in

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    I am trying to work with some serial hardware, and have my output working perfectly, however; in put is another story.
    I an trying both the Serial In Watcher - Binary AND the Serial In Watcher - Text , because I do not know what my data is going to look like.
    Is there a filter that can be added to each of these that will return something if any data arrives?
    I just want to know if it is coming in.
    And if possible see it.
    Maybe we can adjust the size of the msg rcv output so that the data can be interpreted?

  • Well, if you just want to see if something is arriving, you can use the Serial In Watcher - Binary with the parsing string

    output : integer = 1?

    and a msg len of 1 -- this should send every byte received out as a single number from 0 to 255.
    But in terms of seeing the contents in a useful way, that I think is not going to be possible. I know that some kind of Monitor output would be extremely helpful for people doing this kind of work. It's on the feature request list.
    Best Wishes,
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    Great. This gives me a start point.
    I need to work thru a few examples before I start to understand the filter options.

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    I am not seeing anything coming in... if its coming as text I should still see it in the binary actor right?

    AH... not sure why... izzy has been crashing alot while changing things here (I think if the com changes from Input to output)

    In anycase I have Binary detection.

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    playing with the serial text watcher is crashing my constantly.

    @Mark ,Can you please let me know if this will do what I want for now.

    [ ]
    "7E" [?] "E7"
    msg : string = [4c]

    will this create a message that is a string and 4 characters long from a selection that is between '7E' and 'E7' ??