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    Hi all. Im working on a "video piano" where I use different parts of a video via OSC. It works exactly as I want, except for the lagg in the video. If I play the different parts to quick its far from snappy and perfect. I have the latest Macbook Pro with the AMD Radeon Pro 460 and 4GB Video ram. The disk it self is crazy fast so that should not be any problem either.

    When i do exactly the same think with Resolume Arena 4 & 5 on this computer, its super quick and precise. I would hope that Isadora could do this to with the right settings or? Any thoughts, ideas or work arounds?

    All the best. Erik

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    Are your videos using the HAP codec?
    Also, make sure your movie player is set to 'performance' mode.

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    Im actually first recording video inside of Isadora first. And the settings I use for recording is the 8-bit 4:2:2. Do you think I should switch that to HAP? I thought that Pro res was even faster... I will give it a try tomorrow : )

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    For interactively jumping around thru a video, I beleive HAP will be the fastest.
    I have not tried to record HAP from Isadora (should be possible since its handled by QuickTime) so I look forward to hearing back.

  • @DusX I was curious about this and did some tests, I cam upon a strange behaviour. Hap is only supported in quicktime and not Avfoundation playback at the moment. Proress should be supported for avfoundation, if I record the a movie in Isadora with hap or prores, it plays back in quicktime, jumping around is glitchy and not suitable for @D1gits use case. However, if I import another proress movie (exported from another software in any proress flavour) and try to jump around (triggering positions with the keyboard) it jumps smooth as silk, no glitch. On further inspection, seemingly no matter what codec I select in the compression settings I end up with a movie whose format is listed as 2vuy. I am guessing this is the problem. @DusX out of curiosity, is the recorder on windows also the same? Is it also based on quicktime (my windows machine is out of reach right now)? I guess Mark already knows, but I think the forward solution is hap in avfoundation, which needs to be included at an application level for isadora- https://github.com/Vidvox/hap-....


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    Thanks for the testing info/feedback. It sounds to me that perhaps the record feature does not allow all codec to be used for real-time recording.. there may be a reason for this. Perhaps @mark can give some insight into this.
    As far as recording on PC, I believe it uses the same engine. I mostly render out for some post editing etc.. and haven't done heavy testing of the load to media window feature.
    I will try a few exports and see what filetypes I get.

  • @DusX it seems no codec settings have any affect on the recording, not just not allowing all...

  • @DusX 1 further test, the stage recorder does obey the codec settings, it is just the camera recorder that does not. Prores recorded from the stage and played back will jump around perfectly.