Oulu Dance Hack 17 - LAST CHANCE TO APPLY

  • We organised this dance/tech event in Finland last Summer and it was loads of fun, so we're doing it again this August. Applications are open until the end of May, so if you could share this video around your communities, then that would be great.



    edit on 31/05/17 - we've had applications from artists from all over the world, its going to be a good one this year. Some really exciting dance artists coming - not so many tech people have applied yet - you have until the end of today to send a cv and letter to mail@taikabox.com. we got a bit of funding this year, so we can offer free accommodation and food for participants! it'll be like a dance tech holiday in Northern Finland. (also: the Air Guitar World Championships Finals are happening in Oulu that week)

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    Looks like because of the preparation for a concert I can not this year. But really would love one day to be there.

  • bump - last day for applications