• Hi everyone, I am teaching a course that will feature Isadora, but in general is about video and technology in performance. I wanted to hit up the Izzy community for some examples of work with nice documentation. I am looking for stuff with mapping, blending, interactivity, less for just video playback. It would be great to get some replies.


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    Hi @Fred : here something I did with Isadora as main software. Others used: NI-Mate, eMotion, Osculator (Tuio messages from the floor laser tracking system), Kinect 1, 4 HD projectors, floor projection, 4 HD projectors wall projection, 1 projector side projection, all from one MacBook Pro plus Matrox triple Head. There was a scaler for the 2x4 HD Projector (so I used their internal edge blend). I used the mapper for shapes, Midi controller for fades and triggers. DMX King for some Par lights. A second MacBook Pro was synced for one screen for the dancer (hidden from public to synchronize the choreography)

  • Great, really nice, thanks.

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    I have quite a few videos of various things on my youtube:


  • Hi, here you have a piece of my work. I used Isadora as a main soft as well. It's a kind of compilation of some scenes from the show.

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    @grzegorz holy cow, that's amazing. Fantastic work!

    How did you track the dancers?

  • @crystalhorizon hello, thank you very much for your kind words.

    I used cheap CCTV camera, IR lights and eye++, that's it :)

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    @grzegorz great. You had the tracking camera from above facing downwards? And the IR lights from the side?

  • @crystalhorizon hi,camera was above facing downwards and IR lights aswell. It may sounds funny, but the secret was a good cloth - knitwear, not fabric; non-reflective. I was trying a lot of types and only one gave me the effect I wanted to achieve. BTW, also cat's fur was great ;) and gaffa tape.

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    All of the Troika Ranch pieces (created by yours truly and Dawn Stoppiello) are online at http://troikaranch.org In addition to the excerpts. you can also find full length videos of every piece.

    Not all feature video, but 16 [R]evolutions and perhaps Future of Memory are worth showing to the students.

    Best Wishes,

  • Heya, if you're interested here's a couple of show's I've created. 

    I've been using QC and Isadora,

    I'm still a student myself, so go easy on me!!! 

    All best


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    Hi, a couple of Isadora centred projects documented on vimeo. One is of a gesture interface (at the time) in development. The other is a black box dance installation where audience and performer interact. Cheers Bonemap

  • @grimvisions   I know that this was posted quite a while back but I really like your work  specifications a shadow of grace. I’m wondering what your flow was in terms of cameras, actors etc. Hope you get this and hope you finished university! Your work is awesome 

  • Hi, Use it for mostly interactive games. All I'm doing live is pushing the space bar to fly in the next pair on pictures. I made this part a manual trigger so I can pause it if ellen wants to talk about something.

    Most everything is automated in the software.

  • Oops, thought this was a new topic.

  • Here is an example of a work I did for the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, MN for a production of Sunday in the Park with George.  It was an interactive installation for 3 projectors (90'x30'); 8-channel MIDI and Sound creations, and DMX lights all triggered by 4-video input cameras tracking location and motion.  Everything written using Isadora:

  • This is a mapping project that we did a few years ago in Orlando.  Permanent installation. 4 projectors in a 2x2 grid, shooting from a hotel room (beamers are built into a corner sofa 😆) and an office space. All the mapping is in izzy map so we can just feed it unwarped 4k content. Izzy sends MSC commands to a controller to trigger moving lights and colors in sync with video.  Turns on and off on its own every night and randomly selects from 30 different pieces of content.