2.4.5b10- crossfading two movies...

  • Hi

    A slightly embarrassing question about a patch using 3 projectors (TH2Go) with two banks of clips and a fader for each projector. Below is the patch I came up with. Seems to work OK, but randomly a clip will stop looping. There is nothing I see triggering anything unless I move the fader, so why it stops looping is a complete mystery. It is not the movie clip, as I've tested the problem clips with just a player and projector without issue. Must be something in my "calculations" that is screwing things up. If you could look it over and make suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.


  • @JJHP3

    Well, there is nothing about your patch that would suggest you're causing the looping problem. More likely this is related to the issue we've been in communication with recently. If the background movie player crashes, that would lead to the movie stopping the loop. Please use the b14 version I gave you (you say b10 in the title above) and see if that changes anything.

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    P.S. I may have news on your other bug later tonight. I think I might have found something.

  • Thanks Mark.

    The no-loop problem is using 2.4.5b10, not the new 2.5 beta you sent me. I can’t use that at the studio… the patch works great without the if-then calculators. The movie player remains active when it freezes onscreen in the sense that if I mouse-over the cable to the projector, the movie is playing, but on external monitor it is frozen. Moving the speed input to the player makes the image begin to move again. I tried a "end" trigger into a value=1 into the speed control, but that didn't work either. I tried resetting the players, and that worked for about 2 minutes or so, then froze again. The whole point was to have 3 movies playing, not 6. But things work fine with all 6 playing as I cross-fade, so for now I can use this. But it is weird.