• Hi everyone,

    I wrote a summary about different methods of bringing DMX and Isadora together. It is now about 4 pages long and compares Enttec DMX USB pro, Lanbox LCX, QLC+ and Chamsys MagicQ. Instead of copy/paste the whole text, I provide a link to this google Doc: DOC: DMX and Isadora

    To each of the DMX adapters/software you will find links to examples and user actors. I hope you will find this comparison helpful for your work.


  • Thanks - this is very useful to me!  - John

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    this sounds like a fantastic contribution.

    Thank you 

  • Brilliant! thanks, exactly the information i need.

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    Hi, Thanks for sharing your experience with these tools. Just an observation/ question about the Lanbox - in the table comparison it indicates that the 'native' isadora actors communicate via USB, they also communicate over TCP/IP don't they - ie Lanbox Channels? 



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    Hi Gunther,

    Thank you so much for this extremely helpful and valuable article.

  • @bonemap Hi bonemap, you are right, the native Isadora actors Lanbox Channels and Lanbox Text communicate via UDP. The Matrix actors communicate via USB. I tried to keep the table at the end of my article short and clear, but in this case this can be read in a different way. 

    By the way, there is MIDI communication possible for Lanbox, QLC+ and MagicQ. I tested it for the Lanbox a long time ago (I attach an old example, which I found in the forum years ago: New LC 24 Channels Mixer (MIDI).izz. You'll find it in the folder that contains my Lanbox User Actors). For QLC+ and MagicQ I didn't test it, I personally prefer OSC communication.


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    I'll add a software option as well.
    LightJams has great OSC support, and makes communicating with Isadora very easy in this way.

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    What I use now is Artnet Proxy on OSX , OSC to Art Net with mixed experiences.  Before that with the Kineme QC plugin, but that is unfortunately outdated. Worked also for years with Lanbox but their software is so out of tune these days, but if you get it working it is a safe workaround and a secondhand LCX cost you a hundred.