Controlling a kramer 16x16 composite video matrix

  • Hello,

    i am looking for a way to control a [Kramer 16x16 composite video matrix]( via Isadora. The Kramer video matrix comes with this [Kramer-software (K-router)]( to remote control the crosspoint settings via RS232, which works fine on my PC. For a theatre play I´ve programmed several scenes, each has a different setting on the matrix. Is there a way to change the matrix setting within the the scenes???  

  • The protocol for the serial command is spelled out here:
    The thing is, these kinds of documents are never easy to read, especially if you're not a programmer type. But a quick skim seems to show that the information you need to control the device is in there. It's just a matter of figuring out how all those bits line up into the actual command you need.
    Sorting through this for you is not something I can offer to do. So have a look, or enlist the help of a friend to work through it. Once you get to the point where you know the exact commands you need, I can help you further to set up the Send Serial actor to control the device.
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  • Hi,

    Kramer provides a little tool called protocol 2000 calculator.
    You can find it [here](
    It gives you the hexa command that you need to send for any action.
    So you just need to paste from the kramer's software to the send serial data actor in isadora.
    I have some actors done for a VS-88V, I don't have them right now, but I think I can post them on Thursday.
    If it's too late for you send me a message.

  • thanks mark and mehdi,

    thats s good starting point for my further work. If you can post your actors it would be helpful, mehdi. my deadline is next sunday.
    thanks so far.

  • Hi,

    A good first point is that you manage to control the matrix with kramer's software to be sure that the matrix's config. is right ( The little switches behind the machine ).
    Then it's quite easy to transfer the control from kramer's soft to isadora.

  • yep, kramer´s k-route software already talks with the matrix via rs232, without any problem. i can recall all my stored settings via k-route. 

    then I checked the "protocol 2000 calculator". although i´m not a programmer type, i guess for recalling for example Setup#1, I have to send the following HEX-data H04 H81 H80 H81 to the machine?
    Setup#2 is H04 H82 H80 H81,
    Setup#3 is H04 H83 H80 H81,
    Setup#4 is H04 H84 H80 H81,
    and so on.... BYTE 2 is changing the setup number
    how i can send this data to the machine with the serial send actor?
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    I have made a user actor for the Kramer 8x8 composite video matrix back in 2007, maybe this helps you to get started, you just have to extend it to 16x16.

    6b72aa-kramer-vs-88v-videomatrix.iua d7d14a-kramer_vs-88v_videomatrix.izz

  • Dear Christoph,

    For sure take a look at Michel's patch... that may give you the solution.
    But, for everyone's benefit in the future:
    My assumption is that the "H" means hexadecimal... so the actual hex codes are
    04 82 80 81
    and that you are correct in assume that the second digit changes the setup. So double-click the Send Serial actor and enter this:
    04 P1:C 80 08
    Hopefully, P1 will be the number that changes the setup. To try some different values, type 130, 131, 132 (= hex 82, 83, 84) into the 'param 1' input of the Send Serial Data actor, and see if the Kramer responds.
    It would be good if you were willing to give this a try and tell if if it works -- because I don't have a Kramer myself.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear all,

    thanks for all the helpful comments. I found one older discussion on that topic here:
    In the first comment David posted the self builded actor [ Kramer VS 162V.izz ](;postatt_id=861;guest=21844246)(70.6 KB) which was exactly the stuff I was looking for. Its an actor that recalls stored crosspoint settings from the Kramer-Matrix. It worked like a charm and my show was saved!!!
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    Glad you got it working.

    The old forum is full of hidden gems!