• Hi there! 

    I don't really get the Radio Button and can't find information to solve my issue. 

    I have three options in my Radio Button (1,2,3). When I click 1 I want the button to send 1, when press 2 - 2 and so on. At the moment it sends 1, 3, 6. Is there any chance to change the values? Or what can I do? 

    Thank you very much for your help, Roman.

  • Izzy Guru


    Dear Roman

    When I test it with a movie player it does exactly what you want to do. Can you send me your patch for me to see what goes wrong?

    Best Michel

  • @Michel Thank you! Just figured out: when I have a Radio Button with 6 options it sends 1-6. Here is the patch: 123.izz Best Roman

  • Izzy Guru


    Ok, its a scaling problem. The input you want to change has 6 values. So if you trigger 1 you get 1 because both are the lowest value on their side, if you trigger 3 you get 6 because both a the highest numbers on their side. As you have realised, you don't have that problem when you add 6 values on the "radio button" side. The same effect would be if you keep your 3 values with the "radio button" and change the scale max value of the movie player to 3. 

    For further insight of scaling issues, I would recommend watching the value scaling tutorial from @mark

  • @Michel Perfect! Now I understand how this works! And what's the system behind. Thank you so much. R