Simple kiosk interaction question

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    I'm having a hard time wrapping around
    this simple problem.  I am trying to set up a kiosk with multiple
    screens, such that three buttons each start a video on the other
    screens.  Each button starts a video and pauses the others.  Clicking back and forth between
    the buttons starts each video up again from where it was stopped.

    However I can't figure out how to send a toggle to the other videos to stop, without having to click their buttons twice to start them again; that is, each button starts its own video and stops the others, but unfortunately it doesn't reset their button to "off" and so the button needs to be hit once to turn it off and again to turn it back on.

    Hard to explain any better but this is the patch, please let me know if you have any ideas for me?



  • This is the patch in case you don't feel like downloading...

  • I guess I would use a sequential trigger, sending alternatively trigger value 1 or 0.

    Then the first output of each of your sequential trigg is linked to the reset buttons of the other ones....

    I guess it would work like that

  • Tech Staff

    I wouldn't use 'toggle', but rather set a value = 1 or 0.
    Toggle tends to introduce this issue, where its state is out of sync when there are multiple buttons linked.
    A user actor I posted a while back for a korg midi controller might help. Within it are a few sub-useractors that group the sets of buttons together.

  • Sequential trigger did it!  Thanks so much folks!