HELP NEEDED! output through a BlackMagic Ultrastudio

  • Hello folks,

    I have just bought a BlackMagic Ultrastudio Mini Monitor. I thought it might show up in Izzy prefs as a stage destination, but it doesn't. does anybody have a solution for  outputting izzy to a BM Ultrastudio output?



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    Does it show up as an External Output device (under the Output menu)?
    I have tried one of these units so I dont' know for sure, but I think BM outputs showup there.

  • @DusX: Hi Ryan - yes! after a restart, it shows up as an output device.

    there's quite a noticeable lag though, its something like 10 frames behind a direct VGA output to a monitor. and its a bit fiddly to get it to show, involving experimenting with showing and hiding stages. its strange that it displays the stage all the time once it has been triggered. even when the output menu is set to hide stage. also odd is that the list of settings in the output menu is different to the options within the BlackMagic software, but they seem to work ok. i thought they came directly from the BlackMagic drivers.



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    I haven't used this feature. Only seen that BM get listed there. 

    I don't think this is a commonly used feature so your feedback is greatly appreciated.


    Is this expected behavior?

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    Aaaargh, that road took me hours. You can't work around the lag time, that is BM. You need HDMI or SDI outputs or just looking for extra stage output? ? For my workaround I converted my HDMI output to SDI, that worked.

  • @barneybroomer - i need SDI out for a large LED display. I tried one of those cheap Chinese HDMI to SDI converters, but the Scaler couldn't see it. I'm hoping that the huge selection of configurations of the BM will give me at least one option that works. i shall report back in a couple of weeks after i get chance to test it with the display. i can put up with the lag time - i'm just surprised its there.

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    @dbini  I worked with BM microconverters a lot (HDMI to SDI ) but in practice that combi only works well if you force the output settings within the range (size, refresh rate, etc) that the converters can work with, because they are limited to some standards. For this use the great SwitchResX program (on OSX) .

  • @barneybroomer This is because SDI only works with SMPTE standard resolutions, not VESA ones (like 1024 768). Any convertor box that outputs SDI and lets you input any screen setting (not just size but also specific timed refresh rates) are scaling and retiming you image and in general messing with it. You can check out the SMPTE standards here:

    @dbini The problems you experienced getting the SDI signal in can easily come from having either the wrong colour space inside your SDI signal or by using the wrong level 3G SDI, there are 2 common ones, SDI level A and level B, they dont mix, lots of gear can auto switch but a lot does not.

  • Hello everyone,

    Today I got chance to plug my BlackMagic MiniMonitor into the scaler for the LED screen and it worked first time. actually, it worked on all the different settings and different resolutions, mainly outputting a small image in the middle of the screen. the higher the resolution output, the smaller the image. (?weird?) but after a bit of fiddling around i managed to get most of the pixels in use.

    Thanks for all your information.