Multiple Logitech c922 cameras

  • Hi guys.

    One small question. I chose to buy the logitech c922 webcam for live feed for a project. nice little camera, great manual controls. However, it seems like there is a problem in the product drivers/software when you plug more than one cameras. You cannot do manual control on both, nor can you decide which one is 1, 2, which means you're left with a lot of things out of your control. Do you know a workaround on this little issue?

    I'm surprised Logitech's webcam app does not support multiple cameras....

    (on Mac Mavericks and PC Windows 8)


  • Tech Staff


    Can't be sure without having the hardware. I know that often you must connect these cameras to independant USB hosts (many machines only have 1).
    If you can connect to separate USB hosts that may help. (on my laptop, I have 1 usb host that connects all my USB ports, except for 1.. I have 1 that is a USB/Esata port and it has a different controller.)