Mapping across blended projectors. How about a canvas?

  • Ok, I think this is kind os simple, but would be a game changer. I know we all have had a peak at lots of other mapping software and VJ software that now does mapping. There is a feature that I look for in all of them that separates the functionality into 2 tiers. Basically when you use more than one projector you end up with a tricky situation in Isadora, every part of the image that covers multiple projectors needs to be mapped twice or more and this leaves a lot of room for error and a difficult workflow. Basically when we get the mapper in the projector we get access to only one stage, however, one stage can be just a part of our projection canvas. When doing architectural mapping we often need to work with many slices, as scans and renders of buildings are never perfectly accurate, so it is best to work in smaller slices so the image stays looking good and we can warp a pice at a time. 

    In other softwares, quite a few, once we make a blend we end up with a single stage that covers multiple outputs. On some this is automatic, on others you need to manually calibrate it, but once it is done, you get access to a projection space that spans multiple projectors. The geometry and blend are done after this, so I can take a slice of video and move it across all projectors. Instead of having to use another projector to get that piece of media across to another output, worse yet, if it is on both outputs at once, I need to map it twice.

    I would really love to see a canvas actor that covers all blended outputs to take care of this. It would be a great addition and actually make blending and mapping much much easier. Or better yet a more flexible stage system where I could add outputs together to make a stage, and take into account overlap for blends

    An Interim solution could be a new virtual stage actor that contains this capability and has a mapper so as not to disturb the current workflow or mapping and blending system. I am aware that if people are using multiple GFX cards they will run into serious trouble using this, but considering the ease of use this would bring I think those with more than one GFX card (who are probably pretty technical anyway) it is worth the disruption.

  • Tech Staff

    Fred, as you know the stage setup section is getting a lot of love, and I think you will find that it will address at least some of your requirements.

    That said, I believe the very next feature that should be added in this regard is the something along the lines of your suggestion about the Virtual Projector.
    I think we could easily add a Destination input to the Projector, allowing the Projector to target a Virtual Stage. This might be easier than adding a mapper to the virtual stage.
    The Projectors Stage input would then become a stage/chan input as it already is in the 3D projector etc..

  • @DusX any idea of an ETA? I'm building a big mapping project starting mid august that runs a month. It would be great to get ahead with some new features...