Interactive typographic Installation

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm working on a typographic installation project with my students
    and i'll like to know if izzy can do this :
    If yes do you guys have any hints on how to come along on both detecting shapes and generating particles ?
    Maybe a third party program has to be combine with izzy ?

    Thank you and have a great weekend.


  • Dear David,

    The ability to have particles follow along arbitrary paths like this doesn't really exist in Isadora. So, I'm afraid I can't offer you a good solution.
    Best Wishes,

  • This may help. motion control particles

    If you could figure out how to use eMotion and specially conjunction with Isadora...

  • Dear all,
    thank you for your quick answer.
    @ vanakaru : I did try Emotion but i simply don't get much out of it yet.


  • I know this app for years and have given up many times trying. there is not much of explanations around, but someone will figure it hopefully. maybe your students can?

  • i've downloaded it to have a play with. i have no idea where to start with it !

    i'll close it for now and make a cup of tea.

  • Tech Staff

    I've known about the software for at least 5 years and never got it doing anything. Such a shame.

  • Tech Staff

    I tried it a few months ago and it did a bit what I wanted but its a beast to break and it chrashed often.

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