• Not sure if this should be a bug report or a feature request. It seems that my Get and Set Global Values actors do not save the values when the patch is closed. When opening the patch again I need to go to each scene with a Set Global values actor to add those values to the database. Is this normal behaviour? For my purposes it would be lovely if those values were saved until the value collection in question was altered. 

    Thanks very much,


  • Tech Staff

    The input values are saved the same as all actors inputs in Isadora. I suspect you might be experiencing the fact that if you have a Set globals actor in multiple scenes, updating one will not update the others, and they will in fact Set the values when you enter that scene.

    A great way around this behaviour (which can be useful at times) is to Put your Set actor inside an User Actor, and update it so that all instances of the User Actro update throughout your project. 
    This is much like the practice of putting Projectors with mapping inside a User actor, so that updating the mapping once will update thoughout the project.