How to make outlines "squiggly"?

  • I'm working with CI edges to create outlines of performers, and am looking for a way to liven them up by making the outlines bounce, "squiggle," or otherwise shift according to sound levels.  Can something like this be done?

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    You could try the 'pulse generator' with a 'sound frequency watcher' and calibrating as appropriate. It is probably not what you had in mind but...

    Using an audio input and "sound Frequency Watcher' to jitter a video in response to sound frequency. The Sound Frequency Watcher provides a frequency for the 'Pulse Generator'. The Pulse Generator triggers 'Random' node actors at various speeds dependent on the frequency of trigger inputs. The Random numbers are limited using the 'Limit-Scale Value' before input to a 'Pan/Spin/Zoom' node actor. A 'Warp' node actor is added for additional disruption before the video is routed to the output 'Projector'. Audio node actors interact with the OSX system using 'Soundflower' to route the audio into Isadora's 'Live Capture Settings'. It is in the Live Capture Settings that a checkbox allows 'Sound Frequency Analysis'. Checking Sound Frequency Analysis allows the Sound Frequency Watcher node actor to respond to the audio file in the patch. You need to get all the sound inputs working and remember the Sound Frequency Analysis check box.


  • you could generate some 3D Particles in response to the Sound Frequency Watcher, and use these as a map for the Displace actor...

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    Nice idea... if you could manage to have the particle emitter follow the body this could look pretty great.

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    I have been working on a patch that is just like that - having 3DParticles follow or otherwise respond to a live feed. Adding sound responsiveness is a great idea at this point. 


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    I am not 100 percent sure what you want to achieve. I was thinking, how I would do something in that direction and this came out