• Hi, i'm intensively testing codecs-container combination for a better video quality on w10. Doing my reserch I've found this video free do dawnload from youtube 

    probably you already knew it or not, its seems to me a good thing to share.

    BTW at this moment best video are AVI encoded with HAP (encoded in premiere cs6), in second place the good old WMV,  all the rest is terrible. 

    Isadora's settings: target frame rate 25fps, general service tasks 25x and play video  natively eneabled.

    Another good thing is that my other mapping software (I don't say which but very known ) reproduce this video worst than Isadora.

    if some one else can share some tests is much appreciated (encoder program, container, codec, isadora settings and so on

  • Dear @Maximortal 

    Excellent tip! We'll get this into our testing protocol!

    @DusX or @mc_monte could you grab this and put it in where we keep our shared resources?

    Best Wishes,

  • Izzy Guru


    I grabbed it and uploaded it to the mp4_h264 folder, its named [mp4_H264]-Monitor-test.mp4

    Best Michel

  • Tech Staff

    Great, thanks.. exactly what I was going to do.

  • Tech Staff


    Its nice to hear your tests are proving similar to my own.
    WMV runs well but although utilizing mutli-threading very well, tends to be rather cpu heavy.
    HAP is my go to. Unfortunately avi HAP seem to be on average 2x the size of qt HAP.
    This is something I am trying to improve upon. 
    If you can test, it would be helpful to know if you see a similar ratio if you export as QT Hap vs Avi Hap.

    Most avi codecs are old and poor. Very cpu heavy and good only for SD content.

  • @DusX

    It's really weird that the HAP on Windows is 2x the size of Mac OS. As far as I know, the compression schemes are exactly the same. Both use the snappy and squish libraries to do the compression... so why would the output be twice as big? (That's a rhetorical question of course.)

    Best Wishes,

  • Beta Platinum

    In the end it linked to a newer video test

  • Izzy Guru


    I have downloaded both and a third one.

    Best Michel

  • the second video surce link seems to be broken so i've used only the first one. 

    @Mark It should be usefull if built in inside isadora's stage settings there will be more options than grid and fill white, like a checkboard and colours bars.

  • @DusX in my test mov and avi , encoded with CS6 quality set to 100 have same size. i.e. the video I've posted (the source not the youtube grab) is around 750 MB in both cases

    another good thing is that also MOV encoded with HAP in quality 100 is played smootly.....good to know, next time some mac user have to send me a video I'll ask for a mov HAP

    BTW it's only to me that speaking about overall image quality VLC and some other common player are still a bit better than Isadora (is not a complain of course)

    some one that have experience with pro media servers (pandora, greenhippo, watchout...) can make a compare?