Using a kinnect with processing

  • Hello , I had folowed the tutorial “Isadora kinnect tracking part 2“ until step 5. But When I launched Processing 

    Here is the notifications

    The package “SimpleOpenNidoes not exist“

    you might be missing a library

    No library found for simpleOpenNi

    No library found for simpleOpenNi

    No library found for OscP5

    No library found for netP5

    No library found for codeanticodeSyphon

    Librairies must be installed in a folder name librairies inside the sketchbook folder

    Here is a capture of my configuration

    Have you got any idee ?

    Thank you

    Macbook pro retina 15 inch, 2,3 ghz intelcore i7, 16 GO,isadora 2 2 2, kinnect 1414

  • @bruno


    This doesn't answer your question directly but check out the information in this tutorial


  • Dear @bruno 

    If you followed steps 2-4 in the the Kinect Tutorial Part 2 (https://troikatronix.freshdesk...) you should not be getting these errors. Are you sure you are using the right version of Processing? As stated in step 2 of this tutorial, you must use Processing v2.2.1. You cannot use v3.

    Best Wishes,

  • @bonemap

    Thx you for your answering, It has helped me.

    It's working....


  • I did the protocole again and it's working, thank you very much

    Best regards