New Live Drawing Plugin in v2.5.2

  • Dear Community,

    I'm happy to announce a new Live Drawing plugin is available in Isadora v2.5.2 – something users have wanted for a long time. (See this post to for the download links for Isadora v2.5.2.)

    Attached you'll find a demo Isadora file that shows off this cool new plugin. The patch will open with the Control Panel visible. If you want to see how the patch works, choose View > Hide Controls. To learn more about the various inputs of the Live Drawing actor, just hover your mouse over the input you want to understand better and read the help information at the bottom right of Isadora's main window.

    We hope that you'll enjoy this new addition to Isadora's toolbox. If you need any help understanding it, please post here.

    (More features will be announced at the Isadora Werkstatt 2017 in August!)

    Best Wishes,
    Mark + The Isadora Team


  • I've installed the update and have the live draw demo but the plugin isn't there. is there somewhere i can download this separately?

  • @DIarmuiD said:

    I've installed the update and have the live draw demo but the plugin isn't there. is there somewhere i can download this separately?

     Was that on Mac or PC? I originally uploaded the PC version without the plugin by accident. I fixed this about 10 minutes later.

    Anyway, if you're on the PC, download and install again.

    Let me know if that doesn't work

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark

    I can confirm the Mac USB key download included the Live Drawing node actor. 

  • That's a super fun new plug-in - thank you @Mark!!

    (and no problem with the Windows version...)

  • @mark I'm on mac. I tried the download again. all i'm getting is the .izz file. 

  • Tech Staff


    Re-download the Isadora 2.5.2 installer.

    Best Michel

  • Tech Staff


    The plugin should be included with the 2.5.2 install of isadora. 

  • of course. sorry.

  • Hi Mark, 

    Thanks. Great addition! 

    I noticed that the help topics (when mousing over) for each parameter are offset to the parameter below by mistake, so for instance the description of the 'capture' input describes the next one down instead, ie the 'joint type'. 

    It seems to be correct from the 'line width' downwards. 


  • @primaldivine

    Thanks Jamie. It's fixed for the next release.

    Best Wishes,

  • Wow, this is so great. I love it.

  • @mark

    Do you have any sense in how difficult it would be to bring the sensitivity of a Wacom pen into this actor? So that the live drawing actor recognises pressure to affect the width of the line and tilt, to change the pen shape?


  • @mark_m

    I see Wacom do have an SDK for the 'feel' which is I think all one might one want...

  • I used a Wacom with this recently and set up a 2D Velocity to change the size of line. which was nice.

  • @dbini

    Yes, that's rather how @Mark did it in the demo file, though his method was slightly more sophisticated than the 2d velocity, but the result the same:  the faster the movement, the wider the stroke. But that's not really how we draw, is it? We use pressure as well as speed to vary our mark making, and as well as width there's also opacity that's controlled by pressure.

  • @mark Hi Mark, thanks for this update, now FPS does not fall down to 6 as it used to with the CPU drawing. However, in the old plugin I'd put a motion blur right before the output projector, and once the reset button was pressed once that would fade the drawing out slowly. With the new plugin that approach does not work -- I have to keep pressing the reset to fade out the drawing.

    Is it possible to add the fade out feature to this new gpu drawing?


    UPD. I fed a black movie into gpu input of the line drawing operator, and that solved the fading issue.

  • The reason it doesn't fade is that it does not update the output unless you change something... a behavior you'll find in other actors that generate images like the Text Draw actor. This is for efficiency: there's no reason to send a new frame of video if the image has not changed. Your solution of adding an input to the background is a good way of handling this.

    Best Wishes,