• I have a problem that the Isadora GUi will not load if I save any Isadora path and stage preferences and then restart Isadora with a different monitor configuration. Deleting the preferences solves this but it is obviously not a useable solution.

  • @DusX 

    Can you repro this please?

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    @Fred @mark 

    I have tried a couple setups, and I am not experiencing the issue as outlined.
    I am able to setup for example a show on my laptop that is using 2 additional monitors as stage 1 and 2. (I added blending to each for something extra)
    I can play video to each, save the file, close the file. Disconnect the external displays. Relaunch my Isadora patch, and edit the file as I would normally.
    There is one glitch I ran into, in detaching my 2 displays, windows continued to see a 'ghost' display. So one of my stages opened on this display when I viewed/forced stages from Isadora.
    Switching the stage setup to target only stage 1 didn't seem to correct it. I suspect a reboot would have worked (will try in a moment). However I can see the addtional of a 'gather' command might be useful.

    Fred is there anything additional that perhaps I missed to cause the issue?