[VIDEO] Infrared Tracking Workshop from Werkstatt 2016

  • Dear All,

    Take a look at this workshop presentation on Infrared Tracking from last year's Isadora Werkstatt. It covers the most important topics: creating infrared light, the kind of cameras to use, background subtraction techniques and more. The file used to make this presentation can be download at https://troikatronix.com/files... This file not only has the tracking patches, but also shows you why you never need use PowerPoint again. ;-)


  • A legendary presentation!  Thanks for sharing. 

    @mark would you consider discussing camera latency? 

    I've noticed my live feeds have at least half a second delay prior to adding any deliberate delays. 

    Any advice towards optimising this lag? 

    Thanks again, this was a great presentation. 

  • @grimvisions

    What are you using for a camera input? Webcam? Firewire? Blackmagic?


  • @mark

    This video is very helpful - a great tutorial introduction to the technique peppered with anecdotal experience and references to practice precedence.

  • @mark 

    Currently I use an IR security camera, BNC cabling, to video glide capture software. 



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