How to record live audio from Isadora on Isadora?

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to record live audio input on a file but I didn't find how.

    The solutions I've found on the forum all uses an external app and soundflower.

    I need a way to do that only using Isadora. Is there a way?

    I've tryed with "Capture Control" Actor and didn't work.


  • Tech Staff

    I am sorry to say, that I do not believe this is possible at the moment in Isadora.

    Update: It seems I stand corrected. Plastictaxi has a process that looks like it should work (audio included video files).

  • Soundflower is a free system extension that will allow audio playing through the Isadora patch to be routed to the 'Live Capture Settings' options in Isadora where it can be accessible to the 'Capture Camera to Disk' actor - completing the circle, the captured audio file appears in a media bin and can be reintroduced to the patch.

    In the patch image below the 'Capture Camera to Disk' actor is placing an audio file recording into the 'Video Files' bin. This is then played back using Movie Player (you don't need the 'Projector' to play back the sound and the 'Video In  Watcher' is not needed in the patch). There may be a way to do this with audio only files and another forum member may show us? The 'Movie Player' has sound frequency analysis that can be enabled (hide/unhide property) that will provide outputs corresponding to frequency range.

    For your patch using a microphone input you may not need to use soundflower - use the system sound input or built-in microphone of the Mac Mini as the selectable device. To record the sound as a new file use the 'Input/Live capture settings' with the 'Sound Input' set to system input or built-in microphone and 'Video Input' set to None - in the patch use the actor 'Record Camera to Disk' to make your audio recording. You can select the folder for the recordings 'Input/Set Captured Media Folder...' There are explanations of the differences between audio files and audio in movie files in the Isadora manual.

  • I can't speak to the quality of the sound, but I did create a public sound recording booth using just Isadora to gather stories for a podcast.

    It creates .mov files that have sound but no video content, saved in this case to the desktop.

    What your original patch needs is to trigger the capture control, then start and stop recording. screenshot attached.