• hi out there

    i'd like to send osc data to animate but don't succeed....

    _- Name the joint. For example, call it "joint1"

    • Then you need to send an osc message in this format: /joint joint1 104.5 250.8
      (the name is a string and the x and y values are floats)
    • the port has to be 7110_

    port is clear but
    what would be the appropriate address within the "osc multi transmitter"?
    or do i need 2 `solo´transmitters?

    with osculator i get it , but I'd like to send directly out of isa, if possible
    seems I've got a general lack of understanding ....
    (is it the november fog?)

    i'm graceful for every hint
    best michi

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    what is the software called you want to send to?
    I would say if the other software is on the same computer the proper settings are:

    udp addr: localhost
    port: 7110
    address: /joint/joint1
    use type: on
    transmit: you can put a pulse generator here if the value changes permanently, or just click the trigger if you want to send the message.
    inputs: 2
    value1: 104.5 (x or y)
    value2: 250.8 (x or y)

    Does this work?


  • hi michel,

    thanX a lot for your concern!
    sorry, the software is animata , this charming little program, that obviously was never finished...

    I get access from ni_mate directly and from touchosc via osculator. all works so far.
    BUT when i try to talk to it directly via isa - nop.

    in osculator the osc routing path is i.e.:
    2(the internal port,could be any) -localhost:7110 ->/joint:"joint",arg[1],arg[0]

    when i send from isa via osculator, I get it runnig (in osculator i encounter sometimes strange deformations in the graph representig incomming isa waves)
    perhapst animata expects some additional informations to see if the values are float or boolean or so?
    the key seems to be the "var" and "arg" arguments from osculator....

    my sight on osc is still a bit foggy

    best wishes from the german hills

  • hi out there,

    :an addendum to the discussion above .

    this is an exerpt of the osc code from processing:
    void sendBoneMsg(String name, float xx1, float yy1) {  
      OscMessage myMessage = new OscMessage("/joint");
      oscP5.send(myMessage, myRemoteLocation);
    How could  I generate this with Isadora?


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  • hi sculpture,

    that's about the point where we started....
    think I'll be going the osculator way ...

    thanX to everybody

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    Well I hope you get it working I found animata a little tricky to get going but didn't spend much time with it.

    I found it had a lot to do with the "/" and names of the joints not the OSC and formatting.
    Let us now how you get on.

  • hi out there

    ...still try to get it goin' without osculator...
    so i sent the functioning osculator data into isa's "Stream setup...":

    the name  "joint1"
     should be included with the data: "(joint1,float,float) "
    ...and not the address?
     but how do i get it there within the "osc Multi Transmit"

    any suggestions?


    ps: what's the trick with including images?
     mine are always too large.hmm

  • Dear Mickey,

    I'm sorry, I'm confused by your comment "the name joint1 should be included with the data"
    OSC messages look something like this
    address data
    where address is kind of like an internet URL:
    then, there are the 'type-tags' -- single letters indicating how many values are coming and what kind of value they are. E.g., the type tag 
    would indicate two 32-bit floating point numbers, followed by a 32 bit integer, followed by a string.
    Then the actual data values come after that.
    I suspect that your message looks like this
    /joint1 ff x.xxxx y.yyyyy
    where /joint1 is the address
    ff is the 'type tag' for two floating point numbers
    and then the two floating point values.
    Does that make sense? I don't know the software you're using, so this is only a guess. But maybe that makes it clearer for you?
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear Mark,
    nice to hear from you,

    The programm i'm playing with is "Animata" (tricky, far from perfect but charming)
    I managed to send the data from osculator to it, but from isa - nop

    [ Luckily I finaly figured out, how to insert a picture by attaching it ,-)) ]

    _-> I'm sorry, I'm confused by your comment "the name joint1 should be included with the data"

    _This is how a functioning stream looks like when I analyse it with "Stream Setup":
    (comming out of Osculator)

    the name "joint1" is shown in the data section...

    What I'd like is to generate the same data/stream as above directly from isa
    (right now I'm sending midi from isa to osculator and there from to animat)

    Is that possible? (Did lots of tries - but only errors)

    Best wishes from Schwabistan


  • Dear Mickey,

    OK -- I get it now. The format of this message is something like this:
    /joint sff "joint1" 129.2 142.2
    OSC Address is called "joint"
    type tags = string, float, float
    data1 = which joint ('joint1')
    data2 = pos x (?)
    data3 = pos y (?)
    Given this, take a look at the example patch attached here. It simulates the Animata message, and allows you to compare the joint name to a specific value, so that some gates will open and allow the position data to pass.
    Hopefully that will help.
    Best Wishes,


  • Dear Mark,

    Yes +++ super +++ that helped +++ thanX a lot!

    Best Wishes