• Hi all!

    It's been a little while since I try this, but I keep getting some strangeness.
    I'm currently trying to send video from a main scene to other secondary activated scenes via the broadcaster + listener duo. 

    When I have a paused video player or a picture player and click through my secondary scenes (which have an activate scene actor that keeps the main scene active), the image cuts out and goes to black and there is no signal. I have to click back to the main scene and to my secondary scenes to get it back. 

    This doesn't happen when the movie is playing. Looks like for some reason the video player stops pushing frames if it is paused between secondary scene jumps.

    Any thoughts?

    I've included a sample patch - to test it click on the Main scene and then one of the secondary scenes. I did it with a shapes actor in this example, but the issue persists across picture player and paused movie players too. I'm on a macbook pro running Isadora 2.5.1

    Thank you,


    Broadcast - reciever issue.izz

  • Tech Staff


    Please submit a bug report with the attached test file.

    Include your system details.

    ** still images (paused video) isn't resent, it should be held in the buffer of the following video actors. This saves many cpu cycles but can lead to issues like this.

    I will take a closer look and see if there are any work arounds that will get you your desired behaviour.

  • Hm, this seems to work better with syphon out of my mains scenes into secondary scenes. A little clunky, but might be the solution for now.