​Separate audio and video fades times

  • Separate audio and video fades times between scenes would be really cool.

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    Separate audio and video fades times between scenes

     This would allow for cinema style transitions like J and L cuts and could be brilliant for scene transitions with narrative flows.


  • IMHO it sould be usefull, but you can do it now with activate scene amount, inizialization parameter, enter scene trigger and so on. So this feature will be just a quicker way

  • @Maximortal One of the cases where this gets overly complex is when the audio is attached to the video. In the scenario I am working with at the moment I need to fade out the audio from one scene over 4 seconds, fade in the video of the next scene over 2 seconds but the incoming audio should have a hard cut. Due to sync I need to have everything as a single file (a video file with 8 tracks of audio). But yes I hear you a lot of this is possible already.

  • @Fred did you found a workaround to solve this or do you need some suggestions?

  • @Maximortal I can make it work, but. Streamline solution would be a great addition. Same place as the current fade controls at he bottom of the scene, but just separate audio and video times. Other solutions are not easy to reorder. The actual fades now are.calculated separately, by we can only set one time for both audio be video right now.