What are the video resolution of the most widely used?

  • Hello,

    I plan to create images for everyone . A bank of video images for isadora. I make 3d pictures for over 20 years and I worked in Las Vegas, New york, Paris, Brussels ...

    I want to know what video resolution you most often utisez for shows. I want to know if you have recurring themes (haloween, Christmas, mummies ... ). Have you an interest for animation projected on multiple projectors (resolution HDprojectors * 2 or 3 ).

    Thank you for being the most honest:: if you think that my project have no interest or no sanns I ask you to tell me .

    Vincent Claes

  • I think that textural type content would be more useful than something of a particular theme. If you make it in 4k then we can crop it or scale it down to the most useful resolution and aspect ratio.

  • Thanks for your comment Matthew. A little bit like the textures from Arkaos(!). I thought to character animation, statue falling into pieces. Face animations (mommys, presenter, sexy girls fluo ...) Fx, fire, smoke...

    Good idea for the resolution 4k.

  • I'm not s VJ so the types of textures Arkaos includes aren't the most useful for me but they might be for others. I think you need to explore what you have to offer that isn't redundant with what is already available from the dozens of existing stock footage libraries and services. Once you understand that, you will know what to make.

  • this is very true. I make 3D effects and compositing, I said me: make database of elements that can be recomposed as you want. Example: the destruction of architectural elements. Effects of apparitions of characters (all with alpha channel). Other exemple of inspiration for my project : or redbull stereo openr

  • Ahh, interesting.

    Just don't take Arkaos stock clips as starting point.

  • Tech Staff

    Some of the best stuff I've seen is from Beeple:
    and VJ Steve G:
    Just because they created a very unique style for each project and made a series of clips. Some free some for sale.
    I think particles and loop able footage will always sell. If you are wanting to sell your videos (or do a bit of both) - send me a DM because I can put you in touch with the owner of

  • Ok, it's nice but before contact I go make a good demo .

    Thanks a lot
    You help me very good with your comment.