Problem with my GeForce GTX1060

  • Hello,

    i have a problem to run Isadora with my Geforce GTX 1060. The Laptop i use have an internal GPU and the GeForce. When i setting Isadora to use the Geforce with the Nvidia Controll and then start it, Isadora crash without a crash report. It seems that windows close the programm.

    My previous and unsuccesfully steps for a solution:

    -disable OpenGL in the preference

    - disable complete the internal GPU

    -Try it with a a few new installations and deleting the preference

    -And install Isadora 2.5.2 since yesterday

    Thats the specifications of may Laptop:

    Schenker XMG P507, Intel® Core™ i7 (6. Generation) 6700HQ Prozessor 4x 2.60 GHz, Geforce GTX 1060, Win10 Pro

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