• Hello Troika Community!

    Long time user, first time poster (I think?), but even longer time lurker. Not so much a question, but more of a query. I've been developing a method to send tweets directly into Isadora as text through OSC. Once in Isadora you can do with the text as you like. My method involves using max/msp/jitter (just the max part of course) and the twitter api. Right now the program works in that it collects a series of tweets (for example, searching twitter every 30secs for new tweets containing the hashtag trump), creates a list, and then outputs each item on the list sequentially through OSC. This method involves little to no coding (and I mean that because I'm swear I'm not that smart), but to make it even simpler I'm thinking of building it as a standalone application that could be used freely with MaxRuntime. Is this something people would be interested in? I keep beginning to assemble and design the UI/UX, but will stop because I'm not sure exactly what features to include. I know the how I've been using it and what sort of variability I needed, but I like to make a more stripped down, universal version that could be used for anyone right out of the box without having to get too far (or at all) into the nittygritty of Max. I'd like to make this as simple as possible for a user with no programming experience. So my questions are as follows: 

    Should I spend my time doing this? (Will it be useful to others?) 

    What sort of things could you see yourself using this sort of application for? (I'm looking for anecdotes here)

    What features would you find useful? (Do you want to display the user name of the tweeter, along with the tweet itself and date & time? Should these be sent as one OSC message or three separate ones? Do you want the option to add in your own OauthConsumerkey?(If you don't know what this is, the answer is no!)) But really, go nuts because I've been enjoying messing around with this and I'd really love the opportunity to give back to the community, considering I've basically built a career and artistic practice around being being really good with Isadora, due in large part to the active community.


    Max(also happen to be my name) Epstein

  • @max_maus said:

    Is this something people would be interested in?

    Hi Max,

    I would be interested in your MaxRuntime app. I think it would be good to have the twitter attributes as separate OSC strings coming into isadora. I would look at using this for participatory events I am involved with such as TEDx and other seminar/conferences.

    Thanks for considering making it available and simplifying the process.



  • I'd be very interested in your application especially if it will be useable with minimal programing. The possibility to have the tweet/user name/tweet time as separate OSC messages would offer useful flexibility. Could there be an option to have the the tweets available as soon as they are posted as opposed to every 30 secs. 

    I'm planning an interactive performance in which the public/audience contribute text messages that are integrated into the performance. I wasn't thinking of twitter but I suppose using social media exponentially extends the time/space/memory of participation beyond the present which is a good thing.