Jump in frame rate when using the video bin picker

  • Hello,

    Im using Isadora 2.5.2 on a macbook retina i7 10.10.1 running  Yosemite.

    When I change a video file from the bin picker there is a sudden jerk in playback and a drop in frame rate for about three seconds. This also happens when if I change the file by scrolling through the files on the movie player actor. I do have the movie player set to interactive. Is this normal behaviour? thanks

  • Tech Staff

    what codec are the videos you are playing?

    What pb engine does the movie player show? (It's an output of the movie player)

  • Thank you, Ive tried both QT and AV pb engines. And both an h.264 and pro res codec, but am getting the same jerky results

  • @leben try to encode with hap codec encapsulated into a .mov  many users report a big emprovement.

    or try a workaround if possible like one different movie player for each video all connected to the same projector(through a vido mixer or something similar), isadora should loads every video into memory when you get into scene and this probably avoid dropping

  • @Maximortal Thank you. 

    I created a fresh patch and found the drop in performance happened when I introduced the ffgl video mixer. I was also then getting a quick flash in the video when using the picker and the mixer set to 0. So Ive installed the HAP codec, and wow! what a difference in performance. everything runs very smooth. But the ffgl video mixer is till causing a flash when using the bin picker. However, the other gpu video mixer works fine, so everything seems to be sorted. cheers : )

  • Tech Staff


    the ffgl video mixer is the one provided by Troikatronix (there are others out there ;) ?

    If so I will try to recreate the issue, and file the bug report.


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