• Hello everyone,

    I am in need of a max for life patch that will allow me to control the speaker on/off parameter of a mixer envelope in ableton live using a hardware midi controller.

    Please see this screen recording to get a clear picture of what I need: https://cl.ly/0p341u3h2s2i

    Is anybody able and willing to create this max patch for me? I will be happy to compensate for any effort!

    Thank you, kindly


  • Err maybe but why can't you just control the speaker/on off parameter direct with the hardware controller via midi learn.

    And what's it got to do with Isadora??!!??

  • @gavspavhey. I don't need an on - off switch, I need to be able to control the portion of the clip being played as shown via the link above. I use ableton as an audio and midi host controlling isadora performance via midi. THX :)

  • try to look at this 


    it allow you to automate a lot of functions inside ableton

  • To me the clip looks like you want to be able to move the clip envelope with a hardware controller? Is that right?

    You can do that with Clyphx like Maximortal says. I did write some clip envelopes with clyphx + M4L a while ago. Seemed to work.

    Or you could make a M4L device which bypasses the need for the clip envelope.

  • @gavspav: Thank you! Spent some time at your website, I feel we have something in common ;) See what I came up with two years ago, if you like the installation you are welcome to use it in your show: https://froont.com/salimelo/selfcontrol

    To your question: precisely understood, this is exactly what I need to be able to! Can you help me to get this done? I'll gladly compensate for the effort!

    @Maximortal: Thank you man, this looks very interesting, nevertheless, I couldn't find out how to use it to suit my needs.. 

  • @safa limelo I can try to help you. Do you want to email me gavspav at gmail dot com. (Surely the bots must be clever enough to work that out by now!?). I have done what you want before but typically I can't remember how ;-) I think you need to use M4L + Clyphx. If you check the Live 9.7 API under the clip section there is an Automation Envelope class which has insertstep and value at time. These would do what you want but IIRC you can't access them through Max for Live.

    Ah I just found the thread from a couple of years ago I started on the Clyphx board! I must have been more intelligent in 2015. Sounds like I was in deep! Don't make alot of sense now!

    Does the automation have to be a clip envelope? Or could you just write some other control system in max? Is it to send data to Isadora?

    Maybe there are some OSC timeline plugins which could do what you want?

    Send us an email anyway. I'll post on the M4L forum and see if there is a way of altering clip envelopes with Max yet.

    And if you know any Unity or Shadercode maybe we can skillshare!

  • @gavspav: Thank you man. I'll get back to you via email shortly! kindly, S