• Hey everyone,

    I'm fairly new to the software, but was wondering if anyone had any experience (or if this is even possible) with streaming live video into Isadora via possibly Bluetooth?  It seems to me that there may need to be a device or receiver plugged into the computer via USB that receives the video stream from, in my case, an iPhone.  Obviously this device would need to be something that Isadora reads as a video input.  OR is there a way to build a custom actor that receives a bluetooth signal?
    Again, I'm not sure that this is even possible, but I would really appreciate any input or feedback!
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    Bluetooth would not be fast enough for video. Its an old technology now really. Even if you did create something the performance an quality would be very poor and the distance would not compete with Wifi.

    Any particular reason for wanting to use Bluetooth in particular? 

  • No, bluetooth was really just a suggestion.  I would actually prefer it to be over a wifi network - but again, I'm just wondering if this is even possible for Isadora.  Thanks for the quick response!  What do you think?

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    You can send video over wifi yes. BUT obviously hardware/cost/video format/size are all important.

    What operating system are you on? You can send video over wifi using apple via Apple TV for instance.
    Isadora doesn't have a wifi video input actor, it doesn't work like that. Please give us some requirements and hardware info so I/we can help you out more.
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    http://forum.troikatronix.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=11760;search_string=apple tv wifi;guest=21841340&t=search_engine#11760

    To get you going! :-)

  • I've used Mobiola web Camera http://www.mobiola.com/mobiola-web-camera with my iPhone and their Mac client to broadcast live video through Isadora.  works really well, tho is dependent on the quality of the wireless network you're on.

  • The Airbeam has syphon support and therefore should work with Isadora.

    I don't think there is native syphon support in Isadora yet but there are a few quartz based actors floating about which should do the trick.
    You will need the core version of Isadora for this to work however.

  • I can confirm Airbeam works really well with isadora. Utilizing syphon.  Ive only tested it with my iPhone at home so i havnt tried any real distance.  You can also control your iPhones camera settings from isadora i.e., switching to front or back iPhone camera, turning the light on etc.

    Its only a couple of pounds too. you'll need the air beam app on your phone and the air beam app for your mac. Once the desktop app can see your iPhones camera, boot up izzy, stick in the syphon client actor, a projector and away you go! 
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    And i'm guessing this requires a really good Wifi/Internet connection?

  • i would be very cautious about using simple radio solutions (iphone to a computer) if it is a show that has a large audience. If you practise in an empty room and get it to work you may get a shock when you try it in a room full of people who also have iphones and other radio devices on.

    You wont be able to find out how well it works till the audience have arrived and you are starting the show, and each night will be different.

  • yea your limited by your wifi connection for smoothness on the playback front and it definitely isn't without many variables that could affect the stability and speed of the connection.

    At home for me its great for a quick test of an idea without getting a camera and cables out, but yea nick a theatre situation would be suicide without a lot of testing, We know everyone ignores the signs and announcements "turn your phones off during the performance" :)
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    Its great to know its possible, at least in a home settings with good internet connection. 

    I still believe that wireless video isn't quite ready yet (unless you have big budgets; microwave/satellite up links, etc.)
    Even then we all know that even then things can go wrong!

  • Well, one other approach is to ignore the bluetooth/WLAN connections entirely and go with a simple composite video transmitter. We did this for a Troika Ranch piece in 1998, using a transmitter from Super Circuits. Take a look at these options.

    The particular transmitter I used was later "discontinued" because it was, in fact, well over the 100 mW limit for personal broadcasting in the United States. (I still have this bad boy tucked away in a box for the next time I'll need it and want to risk getting arrested!) But the beauty of this kind of system is that it was transmitting in a range **not** interfered with by cellphones, bluetooth, and other crowded spectrums.
    On the computer side, you'll need a composite-video-to-USB or  composite-video-to-DV converter to bring the resulting signal into Isadora.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark,

    how do you manage the power for the transmitter on the body of performer?

  • Stefanino,

    Batteries. There was a pack of 4 x "AA" cell batteries. Lasted for 30 min or so, if my memory serves me. (The transmitter ate a lot of power!) 
    We used one like this so it was more "flat" and could more easily be concealed within the costume.
    Best Wishes,

  • simple, great.. and cheap :)))

  • I used a Direct TV transmitter with a handmade battery pack and it worked really well.  Bought it at Best Buy some years ago.  Have also used smaller cameras and transmitters with less good results, as they seem to need line of sight for best communication.

  • Hey Mark,

    What are the specs on the transmitter you mentioned above?  Just curious.

    Thanks, Valerie

  • Dear Valerie,

    Well, they don't sell it any longer because it was illegal! It was rated at 500mW, which is five times the legal limit. (Apparently shortly after I bought a couple of these, the FCC came down on them.) But a long time has passed since we did that... maybe some of their more contemporary options are just as good now.
    Best Wishes,