Background video throughout the scenes

  • Hi there, 

    I am having one long continuous video (I start playing it in 1st scene, layer 0,) throughout the performance (activated through the scene trigger, in all the scenes which comes after). In scene themselves I have overlay videos, but I have a problem - the long continuous video despite is on layer 0, is on top of the overlay videos in particular scenes (which I am in), despite they are ob level 3 and 4. I am sure it has the simple solution, but it seems I am not understanding priority or layering somewhere. (Mode is transparent in all). 

    How I can get video from activated scene at the beginning under the videos in scene I am in?

    Thanks for help in advance!

  • you must use the background video not in the first scene, but in one different scene activated in the first scene. To do it just use activate scene actor, once you did it you can see those scene light blue.

    BTW here  a quick patch to explain it better

    background scene.izz

  • and about the layering problem, I don't have time to test better what you say, but maybe there is some sort of bug, 'couse as you described you did it well. try to set foreground video as opaque and layer 1 and background video as trasparent and layer 0

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    You have to change the layering settings in the file menu to ungrouped.

    Best Michel 

  • @Michel Thanks a lot! RESOLVED. Easy fix as long as you know it. I wish there is more Werkstatts of Isadora, so I could learn the logic why it is done this way. But anyway, thanks a lot!

    @Maximortal Thanks to you too. I will investigate this technique as well!