• Hi. I'm trying to connect Syphon with Epoccam. I'm failing miserably. 

    Is there a good 'how to download Syphon'? I have found links but the page I get connected to doesn't have a download button. 

    Is there a good ' how to run' Syphon with Isadora?

    Is there a how to connect Syphon to run Epoccam?

    Thanks so much,


  • Hi @jamienesbitt,

    "Syphon Receiver"is already there in Isadora as a node actor. the device running the EpocCam app and the computer running Isadora must be on the same network. The connection is automatically available and indicated by the EpoCam app on your device.

    Click into the 'Server ' field of the 'Syphon Receiver ' actor to select the EpocCam stream.


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