• I just loaded Isadora 2.5.2 and can't connect user actors that are marked cpu or gpu.  They won't change when I try to connect.  I read through some earlier posts and didn't find a solution.  The problem shows up when I bring in actors, but doesn't seem to be a problem if I bring in my saved user actors/macros.  Any more information on this?

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    Have you tried the "CPU To GPU Video Converter" and/or "GPU To CPU Video Converter" actors?  
    These are the actors used to convert between the two video stream formats. Note that this is a heavy process and, should be used as little as possible.

  • @vjw 

    Can you please tell us exactly which two actors you are trying to connect?

    Actors that support GPU/CPU/CI video streams should automatically change.

    However, when using a User Actor, you must set the video stream type by double-clicking the User Input actor inside the User Actor. 

    Also, if you have already connected two actors are are using vid-gpu, then you cannot connect a vid-cpu to the same actor. For instance, the Video Mixer. If you connect a vid-gpu stream to the first input, then the second input and the output become fixed as vid-gpu. You cannot connect a vid-cpu to the second input at this point. This is indicated by the color of the port (the round dot) at the input or output. When they are green they are "mutable" and should adapt to whatever video stream type you connect first. But once you've made that first connection, they will change blue to indicate they are no longer mutable. If you disconnect all the video streams, they will turn green again.

    NOTE to @DusX: the GPU to CPU conversions are heavy and should be avoided; CPU to GPU conversions are relatively lightweight.

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    Maybe post us a screenshot of the problem too please. 

  • @mark

    Thanks - I figured out that I had to connect in order and that solved my immediate problem.  I was trying to replicate a patch and had 2 actors connected and a first actor wouldn't connect to the first of the 2 already connected, and the last actor of the 2 connected wouldn't connect to the fourth.  I had to start fresh by bringing in new actors and then connecting in order.  It was a small fuss.  I was surprised that end actors wouldn't adjust to the middle two.  I'm trying to avoid the CPU tp GPU and vice versa because of the loads.  My current computer is picky about loads.

  • @vjw

    OK, glad you solved it. As long as you use only vid-gpu, you shouldn't encounter any of these problems. But again, take a look at the input or output ports. If they are green, they will "mutate" to whatever video type you use. But once you make a connection, they'll turn blue to indicate that they can no longer be changed.

    (I know it's all a bit of a pain, but it was necessary to allow old patches to run.)

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