• Hey all thanks in advance if I'm being dumb here.

    How can i export a still frame from a playing video?
    Ive tried a pulse gen (Hz = 1 frame) > capture to disk toggle stop capture doesn't really achieve what i want, as a photoJPEG codec will still be wrapped as a mov.   i would like it saved as a .JPEG (or any image format in a disk location of my choice)
    Ive got live video > freeze actor  how do i capture an image of this frozen image to disk?
    Ive been looking at this
    Ive made a qtz file for isadora starting with Noise Industries NI Image Exporter (it saves the QC patches even if you download their Demo) but it just doesn't seem to work.
    anyone else made this before? 
    Thanks in advance 
  • Izzy Guru

    Hi Lanz,

    Have a look at the **capture to disk actor**.
    In conjunction with the freeze actor you can grab the still frame and save it.

  • great thanks ill have a play

  • Actually if you want a still, ie a proper jpg, not a movie with the same frames, the only really way to do it is with screen grab. On a mac you can run an applescript that will do a screen grab- you can run applescripts from osculator, you can also set the destination. This has come up as a feature request a few times, but not enough to get it to the top of the list. Once you make a screen grab, if you want it to come back into Isadora you will need to use another script for autoimport. Again this is for mac, I assume there is an equivalent for windows but I have never tried.

    Let us know how you go.

  • Thanks Fred, i will work on this tomorrow and let you know how i get on, it is a little surprising it isn't already a feature.


  • Hey, ok I've got this far and its kind of working but needs quite a bit of voodoo magic

    Step 1
    Make a new folder on the Desktop call it say "importToIzzy"
    Then assign marks automatic Applescript importer to that folder i found the steps at jamie's website
    (thank you mark thank you jamie)
    Step 2
    Paste this into applescript, and put your bit in the file path.

    set loc to "/Users/ **YOUR NAME HERE ***/Desktop/ImportToIzzy/"

    property N : 0

    set N to N + 1

    set picPath to (loc & "Picture_" & N & ".png") as string

    do shell script "screencapture -tjpg " & quoted form of picPath

    Step 3

    compile and run the script.

    then this happens,

    snapshot > file goes into importToIzzy folder > that gets imported into isadora.

    it seems to take a couple of seconds to complete but it does work


    it does feel a little clunky and I'm sure this could be done far better however I'm

    still to figure out...

    1. how to get osculator to trigger scripts if that possible

    2. figure out how to get the screen capture to capture different screens i.e. different stages.

    if anyone knows voodoo magic and could help me out here or if I'm going about this the wrong way that would be great to hear.

    thanks in advance


  • Not sure about all versions of OSX but a key controlled screen capture will give you 2 images with a different ending. You can/could also set the screen to grab from in the apple script.

    Agreed, it is very clunky- for sure it would be better done inside izzy but we do not have this feature.
  • Izzy Guru

    Well you can do that with syphon and the QC KeyEventEmulator.

    Install syphon. To the guide: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/comment/165#Comment_165
    Download and Install the SyphonRecorder: http://syphon.v002.info/recorder/
    Install QC KeyEventEmulator: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/158/qc-keyeventemulator#Item_4

    Via QC KeyEventEmulator in Isadora you can take snapshots with the SyphonRecorder (Keyboard shortcut for that is: Command (⌘)-Option-S


  • Hey Michel, this is a lot better for my situation.

    i use syphon already i can't believe i didn't know about the recorder, and the Key event emulator is genius.
    1 button pressed now saves a JPEG from my stream and imports it into izzys picture folder. 
    all working thanks Michel! 

  • Hey Anthony,

    You'll have to use an apple script to automatically import the pictures then assign it to the folder you want to use, Jamie has a good little tutorial on how to achieve this here...
    Hope this helps any problems let me know.

  • Hi Lanz

    Don't know why my reply earlier today wasn't posted... but that scripting works very well, thanks! There's a bit of a delay (~2 - 4 seconds) before the bin is refreshed, but in this project that's ok. Really interesting learning how flexible and open the software is - so many possibilities for projects!