"Rebuild from folder.." doesn't refresh Bin Picker!

  • I've found several Issues in Isadora functionality:

    1. When I use "Rebulid from folder..." function to add media to library, it doesn't refresh Bin picker automaticaly. I've wrote about this issue one year ago and it still don't solved. Please correct!

    2. Please improve "rebuild from folder.." function to scan all sub-folders in selected folder. Now it scan only one-level folders.

    3. Please add "collapse all" and "expand all" functions to media manager("rebuild from folder.." function automatically expand all added folders and I have to collapse each one) 

    4. It would be great to add sorting function to media manager: at least "Sort folders alphabetically."

    5. Could you tell me, do you expect to add media dynamically? I mean add media to library from patch(by filename)?

    6. And last, but important: when I add a lot of media in library, all active stages freezes, while scaning folders. Please correct it. (The same thing happens when i load hi-res video in my sequencer: all currently running stages freeze for a moment)

    Thanks in Advance!

    Isadora 2.5.2, Windows 7

  • Tech Staff

    thank-you for posting your findings.

    It is quite possible that your previous post was never re-entered as a bug report. We work from a central bug listing, and generally any confirmed issue entered is dealt with before the next major update.
    In the future if you wish to submit a bug report, please do so here: https://support.troikatronix.c...
    Simple select type 'Isadora application' and 'I think I found a bug'
    this will cause a number of parameters to be shown. The more detail given, the better chance we can reproduce the issue, and correct it.

    Additionally 'feature requests' can be entered in a similar manner.

    What do you mean by 'load hi-res video in my sequencer' ? Is the sequencer something you have built in Isadora?

    Currently functions that load media to the media bin examine the media for details and create a thumbnail, this can take some time when there are many files to process.
    I believe you are asking for this process to made asynchronous. We would need to investigate how this would affect other aspects of a live project.
    I will enter this as a feature request.

    Regarding the loading of media dynamically via a file-path, I do not know of any official/specific implementation plans. I have however been looking into this myself. I am hoping to implement a solution with the SDK, and I hope this will become an official feature in the near future.

  • Glad to see you @DusX!

    Thanks for your reply! Yes, it seems, that somehow we lost one of bug ticket. I have sent you new tickets (bug & feature req).

    Yes. By "sequencer" I meant the one I have created in Isadora. 

    And Yes, you are right! It seems only asynchronous threads(scanning thumbnails & main process) could solve it. But any solution of this Issue would be great! Freezing is sucks! :))) (also when loading new "big video" in movie player)

    Kindly ask you to made this improvements. Thanks!