• Was having a horrible time trying to get accelerometer data from my Android device (Samsung S7) to be recognized by Isadora.  I loaded several OSC transmitters from the Google Playstore and found Touch OSC and Control to have the best interfaces for me.  I followed installation instructions and TouchOSC never found the host, though Control did in my Win8 machine.  The next day, Control didn't work, either.  Tried it with Win8, WinVista, and Mac computers.  They both indicated data being sent, but Isadora didn't see it.  Extremely frustrating!  What I found was that the default IP address (as per the instructions) didn't work as a host.  When I entered the IPv4 address as a host, Isadora could see data from TouchOSC, but not Control.  I prefer the XYZ acceleration data range shown in Control (0-127), and the ability to send to more than host, but I'm going with the program that's working. I hope this helps anyone else in the same frustrating position.

  • Tech Staff


    Thanks for writing. Connecting directly to a PC for this type of communication is often a frustrating process. Windows doesn't make this type of networking easy.

  • In my WinVista machine needed to use IPv6 address.  Both are working quite nicely now, though the latency may be an issue.