dropping frames using DataArray and 3DParticles

  • Isadora v2.5.2


    I have a patch that uses the Data Array and 3D particles actors in a user actor. There is a sudden 0.5s freeze of the stage playback at approx. 30 second intervals. It appears to be regular but intermittent. I am wondering if there are any known issues with having up to 60-70 data points in the Data Array. The particles are generating with texture array/sprite sheets up to a grid of 60 x 46, but the sudden stops are happening with sprite sheets of 10 x 10 also. The frame rates I have tried are 25, 30 and 50fps at all rates the problem occurs.

    I will rebuild the patch after prototyping development, but was curious if there are any suggestions at this point. I have tested the 3D particles with the 60 x 46 sprite sheet without the Data Array and have found that patch to runs smoothly.

    I have submitted a support ticket.



  • Tech Staff

    I don't know of anyone else pushing these actors in the same way, so I have no real reference.

    However, my first guess would be that its IO based. In that the Data Array is reading/writing, and this process my be interrupting others.
    Can you use another method of data management? JSON and javascript maybe?
    Is writing the data to disk a critical part of the piece?

  • @DusX said:

    Is writing the data to disk a critical part of the piece?

     Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for your thoughts. The data array drives real time transitions in the visual style of the 3D particles. To remove the Data Array actor means the real time transition of 3D particle states no longer has an efficient pathway. I can use the Data Array to prototype the 3D particle states and then put individual 3D Particle actors into unique scenes, but I don't think the transitions cross-fading between scenes is going to work smoothly.



  • Tech Staff


    I guess an important question is whether the frame drops occur in any relationship to the IO functions of the Data Array?
    Do the drops occur at or just after a read or write operation?
    If not, I would then suspect that its more related to the use of the particles actor, specifically the sprite sheets.
    I would suggest watching your GPU's memory usage, looking for any relationships between usage spikes and playback.

  • @DusX

    Thanks for your thoughts on this subject. The issue has been resolved, however I don't know what the cause was. If it doesn't recur all is good 😊 



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