Isadora Werkstatt 2017 Creative Space calls for your ideas

  • Dear All,

    I’m happy to be part of Isadora Werkstatt 2017. This year we will create a space where all of us can meet, share experiences and explore new ideas. My role will be that of master of ceremonies of this Creative Space. We plan to install several interactive set ups for you to try out, we will also organise artist talks and we invite you to participate in Show & Tell presentations. We want to make this space yours, so please share with us your ideas on what you imagine could happen here. You can write to me by simply hitting reply here, or drop us a line at

    And here is the cool space that will be our playground for a week in August:

  • @albenski making this blue thingy an instrument via arduino, motors and beaters (schlägel)

  • Tech Staff

    I think a local network that we can connect to would be great. So we can work together using OSC etc.. 

  • Izzy Guru

    Maybe some white material on the blur metal frames for projection?

    If budget allows having some addressable LED lights would be cool also. 

  • so I got a problem: this space is really cool place where "play"...but the space into my suitcase is small (you now low cost air lines...). Now I want to fit inside it: kinect, laptop, tablet, arduino board, some wire, some mics, some midi gear...I've no room for clothes XD

  • Tech Staff


    So true.. I am going to struggle to decide what gear to bring as well. There are some very cool things I would like to play with (share :)

  • Tech Staff


    Do you have a tentative list of equipment that will be available?
    Knowing may help others decide what peripherals they should pack.

    Personally, things that might land in my luggage:

    • usb DMX controller (if there are any DMX fixtures)
    • Kinect
    • audio interface (if there are mics/speakers)
    • Cameras / capture devices (additional cable could be useful)
    • Some fun stuff I can't make public yet ;)
    • leap motion
    • matrox TH2G (requires projectors/screens)
    • .... more
  • Izzy Guru

    My laptop is so bloody big I am worried I wont have space for anything else! lol

  • may be we can share there what we bring with us to avoid to have dozens kinects and nothing of some other gear

    here what I can supply (laptop is no listed, is a part of me!!!)

    Kinect for xbox ONE with adaptor for windows

    pc adaptor for kinect 360

    enttec dmx Pro mk2 with midi breakout cable and DMX

    nanokontrol fader (some faders are are without plastic cover)

    leap motion

    makeymakey usb dongle

    jomox t-resonator (some drone music is always good ;-) )

    tp-link nano router ( tl-wr702n)

    self made shutter DMX (the motor is a bit broken but i've planned to replace it)

    I got no room for audio interface but if needed i got a calibration microphone

  • Izzy Guru

    @Maximortal said:

    jomox t-resonator

     WOOHHOOOO!!! Always wanted to play on one of those! 

  • @Skulpture so I must bring it!! ( and i've sold (sadly) my sherman filterbank!!!!)

  • @Maximortal We'll have a kinect sensor installed and the data shared via wifi, so you would be able to experiment with it. So take this item out of the suitcase and put a jacket. It could be rainy in Berlin.  

  • @DusX That sounds like a good idea. I'll try to do that when we finalise the idea list.  

  • Well, now I feel like a bit lame because I'm only bringing a webcam and my brain, but I'm looking forward to getting play with all these other toys with y'all! 

  • Thanks to all for the creative input. Here are some of the things you can expect at the Creative space this year. 

    May be you already saw in the programme the Isadora Show & Tell event on Friday. This is your time to to share your latest projects with us. Be aware that you'll have exactly 6 minutes to do that and you'll need to sign up first. If you want to participate, just send me an email at or sign up with me when you arrive. 

    We'll prepare a Kinect and Infra Red motion tracking set ups so you'll be able to play with live data. We'll have a Knowledge Corner where you can consult with our workshop leaders, Show your quick and dirty tricks presentations and a Trans galactic ever expanding patch to start a conversation about creativity with Isadora. 

    The last but not the least important thing is The Tool Box. This box will contain some equipment that you can borrow and try out on your own. So pack smart and here's the list of the tools that awaits you:

    Dimmer pack and lights, LED light strips, ENTTAC DMX USB PRO, Leap motion, Kinect One, Makey Makey, Shure microphones and MOTU audio interface. 

  • Hi,

    Is there going to be some video materials like this one: