Replace file in the Capture camera to disk function.

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    Hi there and happy summer to you!

    I just finished an installation for Mercedes Benz, where I recorded a live camera to disk via the Capture camera to disk. I works great. But there is a hiccup. Some times, and that is the frustrating part of my problem, Isadora does not replace or record a new fil. Even when the program indicates that the "camera is recording" with a blinking red icon in the lower right corner. It just does not do what it says. I have made a quite tricky workaround with some shell scripts witch are deleting and copying files to the right place instead.... But maybe you guys have a better solution to trust, and make sure Isadora is doing what it is communicating.

    All the best!

  • Hi D1gits ! I dona have a solution, but im also working for an installation and Im using a lot the Capture camera to disk and never had a problem. Always recording when it says.

    How do you activate the recording process?



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    Hi Maxiwille.

    It has happened a few times. Normally Im running my shows/installations by my self, but this time Im letting the local crew members run the installation in my place. So I have to provide a super stable solution. I do the trigging via OSC and as I wrote, the program it self is responding with the blinking camera rec icon. But on the disk nothing is recorded or added. Cant figure out why it's not happening frequently.

    Just scary to leave them the problem. Now it works fine. But I'd love to have a better solution... as is the replace function.

  • I do the trigging with the sound level watcher (because is the way I need) but maybe is the OSC system it is not working properly?