Apply texture to 3d model kind of urgent

  • I want to apply a texture to a 3d model with UV coordinates. At the moment on Mac or PC no matter what I can't apply any texture to a model. Maybe it is because Isadora does not read the UV coordinates? But I am not sure. Ideally I would like to play a video of the texture exported from Houdini for a 3d mapping project. This would allow me do mapping by just setting the prospective from the 3d player and matching it with the real projector. This would take care of a lot perspective problems we get from using isadoras 2d mapping in a 3d environment.

    Can someone verify they can apply a texture to a 3d model. And if so upload the model so I can check the UV mapping?

    It would be great to use Isadora like this for 3d mapping.


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    @Fred said:

    Can someone verify they can apply a texture to a 3d model

     Hi Fred,

    I have gone through this process and recorded the steps in the following post, I hope it helps:




  • In short the model must have a texture when it is saved from 3d studio Max if Isadora can apply a texture to it.