• I am trying to send OSC messages from Lua. The are several libraries that are no longer maintained or have dependencies that aren't available.  I tried to use an example that formats messages and bundles and I printed what I was trying to send.  It sends this?


    This is not being received by Isadora.  However, I tested OSC messages from max/msp and am able to successfully send messages to isadora by sending the message /isadora-multi/1 0.53 to the udpsend object.  But I guess the upcsend object probably formats that message in some way.  Does anyone know how OSC messages should be formatted?

  • @azs you can send basic Osc with straight UDP with a udo message like "isaodra/1". Isaodra should see it as an osc message.

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    Hi there, 

    If you need any help with isadora and Lua, just let us know wich library you use and I will see or I can make it work  :thumbsup_tone1: 

  • @Fred Thanks. I didn't see this reply earlier.  I was trying to format my own OSC messages and I didn't understand how to do that so Isadora didn't understand my message.  Now I am sending the string  '/isadora-multi/1\0\0\0\0,iii\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\25\0\0\0\44\0\0\0\23' which is correct OSC instead of 'isadora-multi 25 44 23' which wasn't working.

  • @Juriaan Thank you.  I didn't see this before.  I am using https://github.com/headchant/loveOSC 

    Now that I understand more about OSC I will try to get it to work but I will probably have questions.

  • I was able to get that library to work.